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object.Xfr400NCS = Value

Data type




Returns (first syntax line) or specifies (second syntax line) which character set Reflection uses for character translations during AS/400 data transfers.

This property affects AS/400 data transfer and is only relevant to 5250 sessions.


The default is rcUSEnglish.

rcBelgian Reflection uses the Belgian character set.

rcCanadianFrench Reflection uses the Canadian French character set.

rcDanish Reflection uses the Danish character set.

rcEastEurope Reflection uses the Eastern Europe character set.

rcFinnish Reflection uses the Finnish character set.

rcFrench Reflection uses the French character set.

rcGerman Reflection uses the German character set.

rcGreek Reflection uses the Greek character set.

rcIcelandic Reflection uses the Icelandic character set.

rcItalian Reflection uses the Italian character set.

rcMultilingual Reflection uses the Multilingual character set.

rcNorwegian Reflection uses the Norwegian character set.

rcPortuguese Reflection uses the Portuguese character set.

rcSpanish Reflection uses the Spanish character set.

rcSwedish Reflection uses the Swedish character set.

rcSwiss Reflection uses the Swiss character set.

rcUKEnglish Reflection uses the UK English character set.

rcUSEnglish Reflection uses the US English character set.


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