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object.Xfr400ForceHexConversion = Value

Data type




Returns (first syntax line) or specifies (second syntax line) whether Reflection translates data that is in coded character set ID (CCSID) 65535 from hexadecimal to EBCDIC when transferring it to the host or from hexadecimal to ANSI when receiving it from the host. When this property is False, Reflection sends and receives data in hexadecimal format instead of translating it.

Warning: Change this property to True only if you are sure that the data contained within columns tagged with the 65535 CCSID are in a defined CCSID that matches the user profile CCSID of the jobs that will access it. Accessing 65535 CCSID data from job CCSID that does not match the data may corrupt the database file.

Columns tagged with the 65535 CCSID are designed not to be converted when transferring to and from the PC. This property keeps Reflection from converting CCSID 65535 data into character data and should be set to True only when it is not possible to change the column or file CCSID from 65535. Every attempt should be made to appropriately tag the data with the correct CCSID.

This property is applicable to 5250 sessions only.


The default value is False


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