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object.Xfr400CompatibleFDFFile = Value

Data type




Returns (first syntax line) or specifies (second syntax line) whether Reflection denotes a number's digit/decimal characteristics in file description files using Rumba style.

For example, in file description files, Reflection by default would denote the digit/decimal characteristics of the number 123.45 as 7/2, that is, there are seven digits total, two of which fall to the right of the decimal point. Written as Reflection interprets it, the number 123.45 would be


where the first digit represents the implied positive or negative sign, the next three represent the numbers 123, one represents the decimal point, and two represent the two numbers appearing to the right of the decimal point (45).

The Rumba style of denoting digit/decimal characteristics ignores the implied positive or negative sign preceding the number and does not count the decimal point as a digit. Therefore the notation of the same number (123.45) using Rumba style would be 5/2 (that is, there are five digits total, two of which fall to the right of the decimal point).


The default value is False.


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