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Syntax  Project = object.VBProject



Returns a programmable object, which you can use to manipulate the Reflection Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) project.

To work with the VBProject object, add a reference to the Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications Extensibility object. To do this, open the Visual Basic Editor, select Tools > References, select Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications Extensibility, and then click OK. Once you have added this reference, you can get information about the VBProject object using the Object Browser (View >Object Browser): select the VBIDE type library from the list of libraries, then select VBProject in the Classes list.


Project Return type: Object
Returns a programmable object that exposes the methods and properties of the Reflection VBA project.


For some actions (for example adding and removing project references), there are Reflection methods (such as AddReference and RemoveReference) that provide an easier way to modify your Visual Basic project. See Related Topics for a list of additional methods for working with the VBA project.


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