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object.TypeOf5250StatusLine = Value

Data type




Returns (first syntax line) or specifies (second syntax line) which of three different host status lines appears at the bottom of the terminal window when you're connected to an AS/400:


The default is rc3488StatusLine.

rc3488StatusLine The 3488 status line uses graphical symbols to represent various conditions and is based on the status line you see on newer 5250 terminals from IBM.

rc5250StatusLine The 5250 status line uses character pairs to represent various conditions—the characters are always shown but appear in inverse video when the condition is true. For example, when the system is not available the letters SA appear in regular video, but when the system is available the letters appear in inverse video.

rcDebugStatusLine If you contact Reflection technical support, you may be asked to use the Debug Status Line to help diagnose your problem. The Debug Status Line is of use to users with an intimate knowledge of the 5250 data stream.


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