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object.TypeAhead = Value

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Returns (first syntax line) or specifies (second syntax line) whether Reflection buffers characters that you type in the terminal window. When this property is True, characters are buffered and sent to the host as soon as possible. When it is False, characters are not buffered—anything you type while the host is not ready is lost.

This setting is relevant to 5250 and 3270 terminal sessions.


The default is True.


If you're working with an AS/400 host, TypeAhead allows you to keep typing when the keyboard is locked (for example, by a HLLAPI application). Reflection does not buffer characters when input is inhibited.

If you're working with a 3270 host, TypeAhead allows you to keep typing after you send data to the host—without TypeAhead, characters you type are ignored until the host is ready for more data (that is, until the X disappears from the Operator Information Area).

The following 3270 functions are processed immediately and are not buffered, even when TypeAhead is True:

Function Default Keystroke

Alt Cursor Alt-6

Cursor Select Ctrl-F3

Next Window Alt-N

Pan Left Ctrl-Left arrow

Pan Right Ctrl-Right arrow

Reset Esc

Scroll Up Ctrl-Up arrow


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