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object.SNADomainSuffix = Value

Data type




Consult your system administrator before changing for this property.

Returns (first syntax line) or specifies (second syntax line) a suffix for a fully qualified host name, with an SNA domain name suffix, either in your Hosts file or in your TCP/IP Domain Name Server. You do not need to specify a suffix if you already have a system name mapped to an IP address in your Hosts file or in your Domain Name Server. MPTN needs an IP address to make the connection, and you must enter a suffix if the only way to get this IP address is by resolving the string "SystemName.NetId.SnaDomainSuffix."

If this is the case, ask your system administrator for the suffix and enter it in this text box. Or, you can bypass the name-to-IP address resolution by using the MPTNIPAddress property.

This property causes an error when Reflection is connected to a host. Use the Connected property to determine if a connection already exists.


The default is "".

This string can be up to 260 characters long.


This property is only relevant to 5250 sessions using MPTN.


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