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object.PrintDeviceEnvelopeSrc = Value

Data type




Returns (first syntax line) or specifies (second syntax line) the envelope source on the host printer.

This property only affects 5250 printer sessions and is relevant only when PrintTransform property is set to True.


The default value is rcIBMPaperSrcMfrTypModel.

rcIBMPaperSrcB5 Envelopes for this source are number B5-sized (176 × 250 mm).

rcIBMPaperSrcC5 Envelopes for this source are number B5-sized (162 × 229 mm).

rcIBMPaperSrcDL Envelopes for this source are number DL-sized (110 × 220 mm).

rcIBMPaperSrcMfrTypModel Reflection uses the manufacturer default for the Printer.

rcIBMPaperSrcMonarch Envelopes for this source are monarch-sized (3.875 × 7.5 in.).

rcIBMPaperSrcNone No source is specified.

rcIBMPaperSrcNumber10 Envelopes for this source are number 10-sized (4.125 × 9.5 in.).

rcIBMPaperSrcNumber9 Envelopes for this source are number 9-sized (3.875 × 8.875 in.).

rcIBMPaperSrcSame Reflection uses the currently configured host value for the envelope source.

rcIBMPaperSrcWindows Reflection uses the currently configured value for envelope source specified by the default Windows printer.


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