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object.PrintCharsPerLine = Value

Data type




Specifies the maximum number of characters that can be printed on a single line. If a line longer than this is passed down from the host, Reflection automatically wraps the line.

This property affects all printing operations.


Any number between 1 and 32767; the range of legal values and the default are determined by your printer driver.


Depending on your printer driver, font, and font size, the actual number of characters that can be printed on a line can vary. Use the Info button in Reflection's 3287 printer panel or 3812 printer panel to find out how many columns you can actually print.

As you change the value of PrintCharsPerLine, the value of the PrintCharsPerInch property may change as well—more characters on a line means more characters per inch (assuming the left and right margins don't change), so increasing (or decreasing) the value of one field is likely to change the value of the other as well.


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