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image\rwnprg32.gif PrintCharsPerInch property



object.PrintCharsPerInch = Value

Data type




Specifies how many characters to print per inch.

If the PrintProportionalCPI property is set to True, PrintCharsPerInch is disregarded. In this case, the number of characters printed per inch is determined by the current printer font.


The default is rc10cpi.

rc5cpi Prints 5 characters per inch.

rc10cpi Prints 10 characters per inch.

rc12cpi Prints 12 characters per inch.

rc15cpi Prints 15 characters per inch.

rc17cpi Prints 17 characters per inch.


As you change the value of PrintCharsPerInch, the value of the PrintCharsPerLine property may change as well—more characters per inch means more characters on a line (assuming the left and right margins don't change), so increasing (or decreasing) the value of one field is likely to change the value of the other as well.


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