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object.NWSAARefreshScreen = Value

Data type




Returns (first syntax line) or specifies (second syntax line) when Reflection refreshes the screen during 3270 terminal session using NetWare SAA or Netware SAA (NDS). Normally, the terminal screen is refreshed whenever the host sends a refresh command to Reflection. However, when Reflection is connected using NetWare SAA, it doesn't always receive the screen refresh command. If you are connected over NetWare for SAA and your screen doesn't refresh properly, set this property to a value other than 0. This will cause Reflection to refresh the screen at the interval (measured in seconds) specified. For example, this statement specifies that Reflection should refresh the screen every 10 seconds.

Session.NWSAARefreshScreen = 10

When this proerty is set to 0, Reflection refreshes the screen only in response to a host command.

This property is only relevant for 3270 terminal sessions using Netware SAA or Netware SAA (NDS).


The default value is 0.

The range of values is 0-99 seconds.


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