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object.LocationName = Value

Data type




Returns (first syntax line) or specifies (second syntax line) the string that identifies your PC to the AS/400. This name is used in the autoconfiguration process of the AS/400 to create controller and device descriptions that describe your PC to the AS/400.

The Location Name is usually the same as your user ID on the AS/400.

If autoconfiguration (system value QAUTOCFG) is turned off on the AS/400, the Location Name must match the name of the APPC controller description on the AS/400.

This property causes an error when Reflection is connected to a host. Use the Connected property to determine if a connection already exists.

This property applies only to 5250 sessions using MPTN.


The default is "".

This string can be up to 8 characters long, cannot contain spaces, and must begin with a letter.


This property is relevant for 5250 connections over MPTN.


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