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object.InsertProtocol = Value

Data type




Returns (first syntax line) or specifies (second syntax line) what Reflection should do if you attempt to insert a character.


The default is rcFirstNull.

rcFirstNull Make room for the character being inserted by moving all characters to the right of the insertion point one character to the right until a null is encountered. The null is replaced by a character and all subsequent characters are unchanged. If no null is found, the insertion fails.

rcFirstNullOrTrailingChar Replaces the last character in the insert arena on an insert if neither a null nor a trailing space is found.

rcFirstNullOrTrailingSpace Uses the same logic as rcFirstNull except that a trailing space can be used if no null is found.


The logic Reflection applies can be over a single field, multiple local fields, or all unprotected fields. See the InsertArena property.


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