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object.IconTitle = Value

Data type




Specifies the string that appears in the taskbar button when Reflection is minimized.

If Reflection is not minimized, the string shown on the taskbar button is defined by the Caption property.

For example, the following command sets the icon title to "My Session: " followed by the connection status.

Session.IconTitle = "My Session: &c"


The default is "&f - &r &p".

This string can be up to 260 characters long.

Various special characters can be included in this string:

Character Displays

&w "AttachmateWRQ"

&r "Reflection"

&f Settings File Name (or 'Untitled' if a settings file is not open)

&s Session Type

&t Transport

&h Host Name

&d Date

&c Connection Status (whether you are connected and over what transport)

&p Printer Status (relevant only in if the Session Type is IBM 5250 Printer or IBM 3270 Printer)

&x Transfer Status (the percentage complete of file and data transfers)

&v Assigned Device Name (relevant only for 5250 sessions that use an assigned Device Name)

&l Assigned LU Name (relevant only for 3270 sessions that use an assigned LU Name)

&o Profile Name

&& A Single Ampersand



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