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object.HLLAPIStyle = Value

Data type

Long or Enumeration



Returns (first syntax line) or specifies (second syntax line) Reflection's HLLAPI configuration. This can be a numeric value or a predefined constant.

The possible numeric values for this style are "bit masks" that contain separate bits of information about Reflection's HLLAPI configuration. To derive a value, add the value for each of the bits you want to turn on. For example, to turn on the first bit (decimal value = 1), the fourth bit (decimal value = 8), and the 10th bit (decimal value = 512), add these three numbers (1 + 8 + 512 = 521) and use the total as the numeric value.

The default value, rcRumbaStyle, is equivalent to decimal 297 (1+8+32+256) and hexadecimal 0x0129. You could set this value using any of these statements:

.HLLAPIStyle = rcRumbaStyle 'Use a predefined constant

.HLLAPIStyle = 297 'Use a decimal numeric value

.HLLAPIStyle = &H129 'Use "&H" to specify a hexadecimal value


The default is rcRumbaStyle.

The following predefined constants are available.

rcExtraStyle Reflection's HLLAPI configuration is like EXTRA!'s. This value is equivalent to decimal value 21376, and hexadecimal value 0x5380.

rcRumbaStyle Reflection's HLLAPI configuration is like Rumba's. This value is equivalent to decimal value 297, and hexadecimal value 0x129.


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