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object.FontCharacterSet = Value

Data type




Returns (first syntax line) or specifies (second syntax line) the character set that Reflection uses for its user interface.


The default is rcAnsiCharSet.

rcAnsiCharSet Use the Ansi character set.

rcArabicCharSet Use the Arabic character set.

rcBalticCharSet Use the character set for the Baltic countries (Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia).

rcChineseBig5CharSet Use the traditional Chinese character set.

rcEastEuropeCharSet Use the character set for Eastern European countries.

rcGB2312CharSet Use the simplified Chinese character set.

rcGreekCharSet Use the Greek character set.

rcHangeulCharSet Use the Korean Hangul character set.

rcHebrewCharSet Use the Hebrew character set.

rcJohabCharSet Use the Korean Johab character set.

rcOemCharSet Use a hardware-specific character set provided by the manufacturer.

rcRussionCharSet Use the Cyrillic character set.

rcShiftJisCharSet Use the Japanese Microsoft Standard Character Set (ShiftJIS).

rcThaiCharSet Use the Thai character set.

rcTurkishCharSet Use the Turkish character set.



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