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object.DragQuickTextOption = Value

Data type




Returns (first syntax line) or specifies (second syntax line) the text to drag when the user sends text to the host using the Quick Text shortcut. The value of this property determines which text is dragged when the user clicks the right mouse button and drags text. For example, the following statement sets Reflection to drag the word at the mouse pointer:

Session.DragQuickTextOption = rcWord


The default is rcWord for 3270 terminal sessions and rcNumber for 5250 terminal sessions.

rcWord Drags the word at the mouse pointer. The user typically does this by clicking the right mouse button and dragging.

rcNumber Drags the number (one or more digits) at the beginning of the line the mouse pointer is in.

rcBestForSessionType This value is equivalent to rcWord when the SessionType property is set to rc3270Terminal, and to rcNumber when SessionType is rc5250Terminal.



If text is dragged when the cursor is over selected text, the value of this property is ignored and the entire selection is dragged.


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