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object.ClipboardPrologue = Value

Data type




Returns (first syntax line) or specifies (second syntax line) whether or not the macro recorder adds additional, language-specific code to recorded actions placed in the Clipboard. This property is relevant only when the destination of recorded actions is the Clipboard (that is, when Destination is set to Clipboard in the Stop Recording dialog box, or the Destination argument of the StopRecordingMacro method is set to rcClipboard).

The added code depends on the current value of the ClipboardSyntax property. If 'C' source is selected, Reflection includes comments, a Function declaration, and braces in the code placed in the Clipboard. If VB Source is selected, Reflection includes comments, and With and End With statements in the code placed in the Clipboard.

When this property is False, recorded code placed in the Clipboard includes only Reflection methods and properties.


The default value is False.


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