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image\rwnprg32.gif WaitForPrinterStatusString method


Syntax object.WaitForPrinterStatusString StatusString, Timeout



Begins a wait that is satisfied when the specified string is sent to a printer session status box. The procedure stops until the wait is satisfied or expires.

This method is available for 5250 and 3270 printer sessions.


StatusString Argument type: String
Specifies the string that will terminate the wait. Matches are case-sensitive. The most commonly seen strings in the printer session’s status box are "Printing...", "Printer Error", "Error", "Ready", "Hold", "Connected", "Disconnected", "Command Rejected", "Data Check", "Canceling...", "Canceled", "Operation Check", "Host Link Down" and "COMM_CHECK".

Timeout Argument type: String
Specifies an interval of time in HH:MM:SS format. If this interval elapses before the specified event occurs, an error occurs.



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