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image\rwnprg32.gif TetherToolbar method


Syntax object.TetherToolbar ToobarName, YesNo



Specifies whether a toolbar's location is tied to the terminal window's location. Tethering a toolbar has an effect only when the toolbar is floating. (You can float a toolbar by dragging it with the mouse, or programmatically using SetToolbarMode.) If a toolbar is tethered, it will move when you move or resize the terminal window.


ToolbarName Argument type: String
The name of the toolbar you want to configure. Toolbar names are not case sensitive. The default toolbar names are:
 File Transfer
 Visual Basic

 Use NewToolbar to create a new toolbar.

YesNo Argument Type: Boolean
When this argument is True (or rcYes), the toolbar will move when you move or resize the Reflection window. When it is False (or rcNo), the toolbar remains in the same position on your desktop regardless of changes you make to the Reflection window.



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