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image\rwnprg32.gif StartTrace method


Syntax object.StartTrace FileType, IfFileExists, Filename



Starts recording a trace file. You can use the Trace feature to record data transmissions to and from the host, or as a series of Reflection methods. These files are used for troubleshooting.


FileType Argument type: Enumeration
The type of trace file:


 The trace file will contain data transmissions to and from the host.


 The trace file will contain Reflection methods.

IfFileExists Argument type: Enumeration
Specifies an action to take if the file you specify already exists:


 Prompts the user to overwrite the existing file, append new data to the existing file, or cancel the save. An error results if the user then clicks Cancel.


 Replaces the existing file.


 Causes StartTrace to return an error.

Filename Argument type: String
The file to which commands are recorded.


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