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image\rwnprg32.gif SetToolbarPos method


Syntax object.SetToolbarPos Left, Top, Width, Height



Determines the location and shape of the toolbar. The effects of SetToolbarPos are only apparent when the toolbar is not attached to the terminal window. Use the ToolbarMode property to attach the toolbar to or detach it from an edge of the terminal window.

The toolbar can be reshaped, but not resized; there are a predetermined number of shapes for any given arrangement of buttons (which vary according to the number of buttons on the toolbar and how they are grouped).

If the Width and Height values that you assign do not correspond to any of the predetermined shapes, Reflection determines which of these two values is closest to a predetermined value, and then displays a toolbar that corresponds as closely as possible to the size you specified.


Left Argument type: Integer
The new location for the left toolbar margin (in number of pixels from the left margin of the screen).

Top Argument type: Integer
The new location for the top toolbar margin (in number of pixels from the top margin of the screen).

Width Argument type: Integer
The new width of the toolbar (in pixels).

Height Argument type: Integer
The new height of the toolbar (in pixels).


Note: This method updates only the Standard toolbar. To resize any available toolbar, use the newer SetToolbarPosition method.


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