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image\rwnprg32.gif SetStringProfile method


Syntax object.SetStringProfile Setting, EnableFlag



Enables or disables modification of a string property. Use the SetNumericProfile method for numeric properties. (Numeric properties are those whose data type is Boolean, Long, or Enumeration.) If the ability to modify a particular property has been disabled by your system administrator, you cannot enable it using SetStringProfile—this returns an error.

Disabling a property automatically disables the equivalent action in Reflection. For example, the following command will disable font selection in the Display dialog box, and will also result in an error if you attempt to change the value of the FontName property programtically.

 .SetStringProfile rcFontName, rcDisable


Setting Argument type: Enumeration
Specifies a string property. (The data type for each property is given immediately below the syntax in that property's Help topic.)

 You must use the property identifier rather than the actual property name. The property identifier is a predefined constant consisting of the property name (with no period) preceded by the letters rc. For example, to enable or disable the HostsFile property, you would use the following value for this argument:


EnableFlag Argument type: Enumeration
Specifies whether the value of the property can be modified. The values are:


 Allows modification of the setting.


 Prevents modification of the setting.


 If the setting is, by default, modifiable, then this value is equivalent to rcEnable. If the setting is not modifiable by default, this value is equivalent to rcDisable.


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