Programming with Reflection

image\rwnprg32.gif SetNumeric method


Syntax object.SetNumeric Setting, Value



Provides a way of linking a property value to an action or event (such as a toolbar button, keystroke, or hotspot) that can be mapped or linked to a Reflection method.

Use SetNumeric to change the value of any property whose data type is Boolean, numeric, or enumeration. Use SetString to change the value of properties that take string values.


Setting Argument type: Enumeration
Use "rc" followed by the name of the property you want to change. For example, to change the value of the ToolBarVisible property, use rcToolBarVisible.

Value Argument type: Integer or Enumeration
For properties that take numeric values, use the numeric value you want the property to have. For properties that take enumeration values, use one of the values listed in the help topic for the property. For Boolean properties, use either rcYes or rcNo.


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