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image\rwnprg32.gif SetIBMPrinterFont method


Syntax object.SetIBMPrinterFont FontID, FontDescription



Maps a font, font size, and font style to a typestyle ID. This command is useful when printing Office Vision/400 documents through a Reflection 3812 printer session—typestyle IDs let you preserve font mappings when you print Office Vision/400 documents.

To clear all typestyle IDs, use ClearIBMPrinterFonts. To clear a single typestyle ID, map the typestyle ID to a blank string. For example, the following command clears the mapping for typestyle 11:

SetIBMPrinterFont 11, ""


FontID Argument type: Integer
Specifies a typestyle ID. This can be any number between 1 and 32767.

FontDescription Argument type: String
Specifies a font, font size, and font style. For example: "Courier, 14, Bold". Use commas to separate the different elements and always specify the three elements in the correct order.


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