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image\rwnprg32.gif SetDisplayAttribute method


Syntax object.SetDisplayAttribute AttributeIndex, AttributeType, AttributeValue



Determines whether the on-screen characters controlled by a specified field attribute appear using column separators, underlining, blinking, or reverse colors. This method is only relevant to 5250 terminal sessions.

For example, the following statement adds underlining to the text contolled by the Green field attribute (normal text, which appears as green text on a black background by default):

SetDisplayAttribute 32, rcAttrUnderline, rcYes


AttributeIndex Argument Type: Integer
Identifies the field attribute to change. This can be an integer between 32 and 63 (or a hexadecimal value between 20 and 3F). Click here to see a list of the field attributes controlled by each value.

 You can use either decimal or hexadecimal values to identify the attribute. In the example above, a decimal value (32) is used to identify the Green field attribute. You can also use the hexadecimal equivalent (20). If you are creating a Visual Basic macro, precede hexadecimal values with &H, as shown here:

      SetDisplayAttribute &H20, rcAttrUnderline, rcYes

 If you are using this method in Reflection (for example, to define the action of a toolbar button, hotspot, or on the command line), precede hexadecimal values with 0x, as shown here:

      SetDisplayAttribute 0x20, rcAttrUnderline, rcYes

AttributeType Argument Type: Enumeration
Identifies the display characteristic to set.


 When this attribute is set, a column separator is present between columns. Note: You can control the display of column separators in all field attributes in a single command using the ShowDisplayAttribute method.


 When this attribute is set, the characters are underlined. This is typically used for input fields.


 When this attribute is set, the characters blink. Note: Use the BlinkRate property to control the rate of blinking or to turn off all blinking attributes.


 When this attribute is set, the foreground (text) and background colors are reversed.

AttributeValue Argument Type: Enumeration

 Determines whether to set or clear the characteristic specified by AttributeType.


 Set the characteristic.


 Clear the characteristic.


 Use the factory default



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