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image\rwnprg32.gif SetCommandProfile method


Syntax object.SetCommandProfile CommandName, EnableFlag



Specifies whether a particular method can be executed. (Use the GetCommandProfile method to determine if a command is disabled.) Disabling a method not only prevents you from using it; it also prevents you from performing the equivalent action in Reflection. For example, disabling the OpenSettings method also disables the Open command on Reflection's File menu.


CommandName Argument type: String
Specifies a Reflection method. Use the Keyword Index link below to see a list of methods.

EnableFlag Argument type: Enumeration
Specifies whether the command can be executed. The values are:


 Allows execution of the command.


 Prevents execution of the command.


 If the command is, by default, executable, then this value is equivalent to rcEnable. If the command is, by default, not executable, then this value is equivalent to rcDisable.


· To control whether or not a user can exit Reflection, use Exit (rather than Quit) for the CommandName argument. For example, the following statement disables all attempts to exit Reflection (including those made using the Quit method):

 Session.SetCommandProfile "Exit", rcDisable


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