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Syntax object.SaveXML Filename, XMLType, ExistsOption, Option



Creates a file in XML format containing information about the current Reflection session. Use the Type and Options arguments to specify what information is written to this file.

For example, the following statement saves information about all changed settings to a file called Test.xml:

Session.SaveXML "C:\Mypath\Test.xml", rcXMLSettings, rcOverwrite, rcChanged


Filename Argument Type: String
Specifies a name for the XML file. The file is saved to the current folder unless you provide path information.

XMLType Argument Type: Enumeration
Specifies what type of information to write to the XML file.


 Write all Reflection settings. This creates the XML equivalent of a complete settings file.


 Write only those Reflections settings that are available as properties. Note that some Reflection settings are controlled by methods and these (including connection settings, key mapping, mouse mapping, menu configuration, toolbar setup, hotspots, and events) are not included in a file created using this option.


 Write only the connection settings.


 Write only the color settings.


 Write only the keyboard mapping settings.


 Write only the mouse mapping settings.


 Write only the menu settings (for both the main menu and the terminal window context menu).


 Write only the toolbar settings.


 Write only the hotspot settings.


 Write only the event settings.

ExistsOption Argument Type: Enumeration
Specifies what to do if the file exists.


 Generates an error if the file already exists.


 Prompts the user to either cancel or overwrite the file.


 Overwrites the existing file.

Option Argument type: Enumeration
Specifies additional conditions for saving information.


 Save information about all settings.


 Only save information about settings that have been changed from the factory defaults.


 Only save information about settings that have been changed from the defaults configured for your site by a system administrator.



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