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image\rwnprg32.gif SaveDisplay method


Syntax object.SaveDisplay LayeringOption, ExistOption, Filename, ColorType, Background



Saves the screen contents to a file using bitmap (.bmp) format. For example, the following statement saves the current screen as a color bitmap using a white background:

.SaveDisplay rcGraphicsAndText, rcAskUser, "C:\Mypath\Screen.bmp", rcBitmapColor, rcWhiteBkgrnd


LayeringOption Argument type: Enumeration
Specifies which part(s) of the screen to save to a file. This argument applies only to 3179-G emulation sessions. If you are saving the display in a 5250 terminal session, use rcGraphicsAndText to have Reflection save the entire display as a Windows bitmap. For 3179-G sessions, The possible values are:


 Save both graphics and text.


 Save graphics only.


 Save text only.

ExistOption Argument type: Enumeration
The action to take if the specified file name already exists:


 Prompts the user to either overwrite the existing file or cancel the save. An error results if the user then clicks Cancel.


 Replaces the existing file with a new bitmap file.


 Causes SaveDisplay to return an error.

Filename Argument type: String
The file to which settings are saved. The file is saved to the current directory unless you provide path information.

ColorType Argument type: Enumeration
Determines whether the file is saved in color or monochrome. The possible values are:


Background Argument type: Enumeration
Determines the background color for the saved file. The possible values are:




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