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image\rwnprg32.gif RestoreDefaults method


Syntax object.RestoreDefaults SettingsType



Restores all settings, or a group of related settings, to default values. For example, the following statement restores the toolbars to the default configuration:

Session.RestoreDefaults rcToolbar


SettingsType Argument type: Enumeration
The group of settings to restore. These values are equivalent to the various kinds of partial settings files that Reflection supports. The values are:


 Resets all settings and removes all macros. You must be disconnected to use this value. Note: This value is not available if you are using RestoreDefaults in a Reflection macro. It is available if you use this method on Reflection's command line, in a Reflection Basic script, or if you are using Automation to control Reflection from another application.


 Resets settings relating to keyboard and mouse mapping.


 Resets settings relating to the toolbar.


 Resets settings relating to color configuration.


 Resets settings relating to hotspot configuration.


 Resets settings relating to menu configuration.


 Resets settings relating to the executability of Reflection commands (that is, all settings that can be disabled or enabled with SetCommandProfile, SetNumericProfile, or SetStringProfile).


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