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image\rwnprg32.gif RemoveToolbarButton method


Syntax object.RemoveToolbarButton ToolbarName, Index



Deletes a button from a Reflection toolbar. For example, the following command removes the first button from the Standard toolbar:

Session.RemoveToolbarButton "Standard", 1


ToolbarName Argument type: String
The toolbar name. Toolbar names are not case sensitive. The default toolbar names are:
 File Transfer
 Visual Basic

 Use NewToolbar to create a new toolbar.

Index Argument type: Integer
The button being removed. Use 1 to delete the first button, and so on. The remaining buttons are renumbered, so if you're using multiple RemoveToolbarButton methods, remember to consider the renumbering that occurs after each. Use rcAllButtons (or 0) to remove all existing toolbar buttons.


Note: The older RemoveButton method is still available but can only be used with the Standard toolbar.


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