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image\rwnprg32.gif PrintHostFile method


Syntax object.PrintHostFile HostFile, Type, CarriageControl



Transfers a file from the mainframe and sends it to the printer. You can use this method to print host files without having to establish a 3270 printer session.

This method is available only during 3270 sessions.


HostFile Argument type: String
Specifies a host file. An error occurs if the host file is not found.

Type Argument Type: Enumeration
Specifies what type of file is being transferred. The values are:


 Use this value for text files with no special formatting.


 Use this value for program and application files and for files with special formatting.

CarriageControl Argument Type: Boolean
When this value is True the first character of each line is used for IBM text carriage control.



This method uses IND$FILE transfer to transfer the host file to your local computer before printing it, and the current IND$FILE transfer settings apply to the file transfer. The transferred file does not remain on the local PC after it has been printed.

The PrintFitToPage property and the other Reflection properties for printing are applied to PrintHostFile jobs.


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