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image\rwnprg32.gif PrintControl method


Syntax object.PrintControl PrintControl



Sends a control instruction to the printer session. This method is available for 5250 and 3270 printer sessions.


PrintControl Argument Type: Enumeration
Specifies the control instruction to send to the printer. The following controls are available.


Default behavior

In bypass mode


Move backward one position if not already in leftmost position.

Send a Backspace character (hex 08) to the printer.


Move the print position to column 0.

Send a Carriage Return character (hex 0D) to the printer.


Eject the current page and move to next page.

Send a Form Feed character (hex 0C) to the printer.


Advance one line.

Send a Line Feed character (hex 0A) to the printer.


End a print line and advance to the next line.

Send a Carriage Return followed by a Line Feed.


Move the horizontal print position to the left margin.

Send a Carriage Return to the printer and then skip spaces to the left margin.


Move the vertical print position to the top margin.

Send a Form Feed to the printer and then skip lines to the top margin.


Advance a character position.

Send a space character to the printer.


Flush out the printer buffer and close the printer/file.

Flush out the printer buffer and close the printer/file.


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