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image\rwnprg32.gif AddHotListItem method


Syntax object.AddHotListItem Name, Selection, Commands, Option



Adds a new item to an existing hotlist.


Name Argument type: String
The hotlist to which an item is being added.

Selection Argument type: String
The text for the new item.

Commands Argument type: String
The Reflection method, or sequence of methods, to be executed when the new item is selected. Methods that return values can't be used. Use a space to separate multiple methods. Use double quotation marks around string arguments. For example, the following strings are all valid for this argument:


      "TransmitAnsi ""Hello"" TransmitTerminalKey rcIBMEnterKey"

      "RunMacro ""MyMacro"", """""

 This string can be up to 260 characters long.

Option Argument type: Enumeration
Specifies which of the following options, if any, are used:


 No options are set.


 Specifies that the commands associated with an item be executed in the terminal field immediately following the hotlist position (or hotspot position, if the hotlist is displayed through a hotspot).


 Specifies that a separator line appear immediately above this item.


 Specifies that both the rcSeparator and rcAtNextFieldAndSeparator options (see above) are set.


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