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image\rwnprg32.gif GetSetStringProfile method


Syntax IsModifiable = object.GetSetStringProfile(SettingName)



Returns a value indicating whether the specified string property can be modified. Use GetSetStringProfile for string properties and GetSetProfile for numeric properties. (Numeric properties are those whose data type is Boolean, Long, or Enumeration.) Use the SetStringProfile method to enable or disable modification of a string property.


SettingName Argument type: Enumeration
Specifies a string property. (The data type for each property is given immediately below the syntax in that property's Help topic.)

 You must use the property identifier rather than the actual property name. The property identifier is a predefined constant consisting of the property name (with no period) preceded by the letters rc. For example, to determine whether the HostsFile property can be modified, use the following value for this argument:



IsModifiable Argument type: Boolean
Returns True (-1) if the setting can be modified, and False (0) if it can't.


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