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image\rwnprg32.gif GetKeyMap method


Syntax Commands = object.GetKeyMap(Modifiers, KeyOrChord)



Returns the commands, terminal keys, or scripts (or any combination of these elements) that are associated with the specified keystroke or mouse chord.


Modifiers Argument type: Enumeration
The optional modifier keys associated with the specified keystroke or mouse chord. A keystroke consists of a primary key and one or more optional modifier keys—Alt, Ctrl, and Shift. The various possible combinations of modifier keys are defined by the set of values for this argument:


 Use rcNormal when there are no modifier keys in this keystroke.

KeyOrChord Argument type: String
The mouse chord or primary key in the keystroke. Any key on the PC keyboard can be a primary key; this argument can also be a custom key name created with SetScanCodeName.

 See Keys for Reflection Commands for a list of key names you can use as key arguments.

 To return the mapping for a mouse chord, identify the button with "LeftBtn", "MiddleBtn", or "RightBtn" as the value for this argument. To identify the double-click of a particular button, add "_DblClk" at the end of the string; for example, "LeftBtn_DblClk".

 This method returns an error if the keystroke or chord is not currently mapped, or if it is not a valid keystroke or chord name.


Commands Return type: String
The commands associated with the specified keystroke or mouse chord.


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