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image\rwnprg32.gif GetHotspotsEx method


Syntax Name = object.GetHotspotsEx(Index)



Returns the name of the specified hotspot and sets properties that identify its row and column location. This method is designed to be used in combination with the GetNumHotspots method, to return information about all currently displayed hotspots—click the button below to see an example.


Index Argument type: Integer
The index of one of the hotspots currently displayed on the screen—that is, a number between 1 and the value returned by GetNumHotspots.


Name Return type: String
The name of the specified hotspot.

The following properties are set by GetHotspotsEx:

CurrentHotspotRow The row location of the specified hotspot.

CurrentHotspotColumn The column location of the specified hotspot.

These properties can also be set by the GetCurrentHotspotEx method.


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