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image\rwnprg32.gif GetHotspotHelp method


Syntax HelpString = object.GetHotspotHelp(Name, Flags, Row, Column)



Returns the help text associated with a hotspot. The hotspot is defined by the following arguments. Refer to the DefineHotspotEx method for more detailed information about these arguments.


Name Argument type: String
The string that identifies the hotspot. Hotspot names are case sensitive.

Flags Argument type: Enumeration
The flags selected for the hotspot. Possible values are:


Row Argument type: Enumeration or Integer
The defined row for the hotspot. Use rcAnyRow or a specific row value.

Column Argument type: Enumeration or Integer
The defined column for the hotspot. Use rcAnyCol or a specific column value.


HelpString Return type: String
The help text associated with the specified hotspot.


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