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image\rwnprg32.gif GetHotspotCommandsEx method


Syntax Commands = object.GetHotspotCommands(Name, Flags, Row, Column)



Returns the commands, terminal keys, or scripts (or the combination of these elements) associated with the specified hotspot. The hotspot is defined by the following arguments. Refer to the DefineHotspotEx method for more detailed information about these arguments. An error is returned if the arguments do not describe a currently defined hotspot.


Name Argument type: String
The string that identifies the hotspot. Hotspot names are case sensitive.

Flags Argument type: Enumeration
The flags selected for the hotspot. Possible values are:


Row Argument type: Integer
The defined row for the hotspot. Use rcAnyRow or a specific row value.

Column Argument type: Integer
The defined column for the hotspot. Use rcAnyCol or a specific column value.


Commands Return type: String
The commands associated with the specified hotspot.

Note: The Name, Flags, Row, and Column arguments must all match a defined hotspot. If any one of these arguments does not match a defined hotspot, error 4131("Hotspot string not found") is returned.

This method is an extended version of the GetHotspotCommands method.


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