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image\rwnprg32.gif GetButtonPictureFile method


Syntax PictureFile = object.GetButtonPictureFile(Index)



Returns the file name for the bitmap displayed on the specified toolbar button. This method returns information for the Standard toolbar only.

Note: This method returns an empty string unless a picture file has been defined using the DefineButton method or using the SmallPictureFile argument of the newer DefineToolbarButton method. The default Standard toolbar is defined using the SmallPicIndex argument, so GetButtonPictureFile returns an empty string for the default toolbar buttons.


Index Argument type: Integer
Specifies a toolbar button. Use 1 for the leftmost button, and so on.


PictureFile Return type: String
The file containing the bitmap that is displayed on this button. If no bitmap is displayed, this variable is set to an empty string. This method returns full path information.


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