Programming with Reflection

image\msref32.gif Read-Only Properties


Read-only properties return information about Reflection but you cannot change these values. (Note: If you use a read-only property as an argument in a user-defined function or subprocedure, you must pass the argument by value, because Reflection will try to change arguments that are passed by reference.)

Settings Files

image\jump.gif SettingsFile property

The Appearance and Behavior of Reflection

image\jump.gif DisplayColumns property

image\jump.gif DisplayRows property

image\jump.gif VisibleColumns property

image\jump.gif VisibleRows property

Keyboard and Mouse Setup

image\jump.gif KeyboardLocked property

Hotspots, Hotlists, and QuickText

image\jump.gif CurrentHotspotColumn property

image\jump.gif CurrentHotspotRow property

image\jump.gif HotlistShowColumn property

image\jump.gif HotlistShowRow property

Text Editing and Cursor Control

image\jump.gif CursorColumn property

image\jump.gif CursorRow property

image\jump.gif MouseClickColumn property

image\jump.gif MouseClickRow property

image\jump.gif SelectionStartColumn property

image\jump.gif SelectionStartRow property

Managing Connections

image\jump.gif AssignedHostName property

image\jump.gif AssignedLUName property

image\jump.gif AssignedServer property

image\jump.gif AssignedService property

image\jump.gif Connected property

image\jump.gif HostNetworkAddress property

image\jump.gif SessionType property

image\jump.gif TelnetKeepAliveAverage property

image\jump.gif TelnetProtocol property

image\jump.gif TerminalModel property

image\jump.gif TransportName property


image\jump.gif AssignedDeviceName property

Locating Text

image\jump.gif FoundFieldEndColumn property

image\jump.gif FoundFieldEndRow property

image\jump.gif FoundFieldLength property

image\jump.gif FoundFieldStartColumn property

image\jump.gif FoundFieldStartRow property

image\jump.gif FoundTextColumn property

image\jump.gif FoundTextRow property

Storing Keystrokes

image\jump.gif TermKeyBufferOverflow property

Running Reflection

image\jump.gif CommandLineSwitches property

image\jump.gif FullName property

image\jump.gif MaximumSessions property

image\jump.gif Name property

image\jump.gif Path property

image\jump.gif SerialNumber property

image\jump.gif StartupWorkingDir property

image\jump.gif StartupSettings property

image\jump.gif VersionString property

Restricting Access

image\jump.gif ProfileName property

Shell Keywords

image\jump.gif NativeOS property

Other Read-Only Properties

image\jump.gif Application property

image\jump.gif Parent property