Programming with Reflection

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Methods and properties for setting up 3270 sessions using 802.2 DLC (SNA).

Terminal and Printer sessions

image\jump.gif SetupSession method

image\jump.gif AutoConnect property

image\jump.gif ConnectMacro property

image\jump.gif ConnectMacroData property

image\jump.gif GraphicsEnabled property

image\jump.gif Hostname property

image\jump.gif SessionType property

image\jump.gif SingleSignOn property

image\jump.gif SNAEngineCFGFile property

image\jump.gif TerminalModel property

image\jump.gif TransportName property

image\jump.gif TransportType property

Note: Links configuration information is handled by the Reflection SNA engine This information is stored in the SNA Engine configuration file. By default, this file is called Wrqsna.rlf. The default location of this file depends on what version of Windows you are running. You can specify a different name and location for this file with the SNAEngineCFGFile property.

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