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image\msref32.gif Keywords for 3270 Sessions Using NetWare SAA


Methods and properties for setting up 3270 sessions using Netware SAA. Terminal and printer sessions use the same methods and properties.

Terminal and Printer sessions

image\jump.gif ClearNWSAA3270Config method

image\jump.gif GraphicsEnabled property

image\jump.gif RemoveNWSAA3270Config method

image\jump.gif SetupNWSAA3270Config method

image\jump.gif SetupSession method

image\jump.gif AsyncTransportEnabled property

image\jump.gif AutoConnect property

image\jump.gif ConnectMacro property

image\jump.gif ConnectMacroData property

image\jump.gif AssignedLUName property

image\jump.gif AssignedServer property

image\jump.gif AssignedService property

image\jump.gif HostNetworkAddress property

image\jump.gif HostsFile property

image\jump.gif NWSAACheckModel property

image\jump.gif NWSAANetwork property

image\jump.gif NWSAAUse20Query property

image\jump.gif Password property

image\jump.gif ReconnectDelay property

image\jump.gif SessionType property

image\jump.gif SingleSignOn property

image\jump.gif TerminalModel property

image\jump.gif TransportName property

image\jump.gif TransportType property

image\jump.gif UserName property

Service Location Protocol

Service Location Protocol (SLP) properties are supported for Netware SAA connections, but not Netware SAA (LUA) or Netware SAA (NDS).

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