Programming with Reflection

image\rwnprg32.gif Reflection for IBM Error Codes and Constants


Code Predefined Constant
Error message.


0 rcRteNoError
No error.

4001 rcRteMemoryAllocation
Unable to allocate memory required for command.

4020 rcRteFileError
File component error.

4021 rcRteInvalidDrive
Invalid drive.

4022 rcRteFileNotFound
File not found.

4023 rcRtePathNotFound
Path not found.

4024 rcRteNoFileHandle
DOS error: no more file handles available.

4025 rcRteNoFileAccess
Access to file denied.

4026 rcRteBadFileHandle
Bad file handle.
Contact Reflection Technical Support.

4027 rcRteCantDeleteDir
Can't delete directory.

4028 rcRteBadNewFileName
File name is not allowed.

4029 rcRteNoMoreFiles
No more files available.

4030 rcRteDriveNotMounted
Drive not mounted.

4031 rcRteDuplicateFileName
Duplicate file name.

4032 rcRteDiskFull
Disk is full.

4033 rcRteFileReadOnly
File is marked read-only.

4034 rcRteCantCreate
Unable to create specified file.

4035 rcRteFileNameNotAllowed
File name is not allowed by Reflection.

4036 rcRteNoFileNameSpecified
No file name was specified in command.

4037 rcRteCantAllocateFileObject
Unable to allocate memory required for file handling.

4038 rcRteNameTooLong
File name is too long.

4041 rcRteParserSyntax
Syntax error.

4042 rcRteParserCmndName
Unrecognized command.

4043 rcRteParserNoOpenParen
Open parenthesis expected.

4044 rcRteParserNoCloseParen
Closing parenthesis expected.

4045 rcRteParserNotEnoughArgs
Not enough arguments for command.

4046 rcRteParserInvalidInt
Integer argument expected.

4047 rcRteParserIntRange
Integer argument out of range.

4048 rcRteParserInvalidString
Quoted string argument expected.

4049 rcRteParserInvalidTimeString
Quoted time string argument expected.

4050 rcRteParserMissingQuote
Closing quote expected.

4051 rcRteParserPDCName
Invalid predefined constant name.

4052 rcRtePDCNameNotAllowed
Predefined constant name not allowed in this command.

4053 rcRteParserCmndConstruct
Command construction error.

4054 rcRteErrorReadingSettings
Settings file contained an invalid command.

4055 rcRteParserUnknown
Unknown parser error.

4060 rcRteCantCreateFolder
Could not create shortcut folder.

4061 rcRteCantCreateShortcut
Could not create shortcut.

4080 rcRteCommandNotImplemented
The command has not been implemented.

4081 rcRteNotABinaryScript
This file is not a Reflection script file.

4082 rcRteStopped
The command stopped.

4083 rcRteCommandDisabledByMode
You cannot execute the command in current mode.

4084 rcRteCommandDisabledByProfiler
The command has been disabled by the system administrator.

4085 rcRteNotASettingsFile
The specified file is not a Reflection settings file.

4086 rcRteInvalidHLLAPIShortName
The name is not a valid HLLAPI short name.

4087 rcRteEventTimeout
A command to wait for an event timed out.

4088 rcRteEmbeddedScriptCorrupt
The startup settings file has been corrupted.

4089 rcRteSettingDisabledByMode
You cannot modify the setting in the current mode.

4090 rcRteSettingDisabledByProfiler
The setting has been disabled by the system administrator.

4091 rcRteInvalidSetArg
Invalid setting type.

4092 rcRteInvalidProfArg
Invalid enable/disable parameter.

4093 rcRteStringArgTooLong
String argument too long.

4094 rcRteCantStartNewSession
Cannot start new session of Reflection. The number of Reflection sessions you can run at once is eight.

4095 rcRteUnrecognizedOption
Unrecognized command line option.

4096 rcRteSettingDisabledReadonly
The setting is a read-only setting.

4097 rcRteMaxSessionsRunning
You already have the maximum number of Reflection sessions running.

4120 rcRteApiErrorStart
API undefined error.

4121 rcRteNoSessionFound
No session found.
You have used an invalid name or number in an rcLinkByName or rcLinkByWindowId command. (These commands are part of the Original API.)

4122 rcRteInvalidPointer
Invalid pointer.

4123 rcRteNoSessionsActive
No session active.

4124 rcRteInvalidInstance
Invalid instance handle.
Either the requested window is closed or the window ID is invalid.

4125 rcRteIndexTooLarge
Invalid session index.
You specified a window index number higher than the number of open windows.

4126 rcRteInvalidErrorCode
Error code undefined.
The specified ID, passed to a Reflection Basic script is invalid.

4127 rcRteApiMemoryError
API memory error.
Close other Windows applications before trying this task again.

4128 rcRteNoStartup
Using an original API function without calling rcLinkByXXX.
You must first link to a Reflection instance before executing a command. Use rcLinkByName or rcLinkByWindowId.

4129 rcRteTisbBoundsError
Row, column, or offset out of display bounds.

4130 rcRteInvalidFindType
Invalid field type.

4131 rcRteHotspotNotFound
Hotspot string not found.

4132 rcRteInvalidArg1
Invalid first argument.

4133 rcRteInvalidArg2
Invalid second argument.

4134 rcRteInvalidArg3
Invalid third argument.

4135 rcRteInvalidArg4
Invalid fourth argument.

4136 rcRteInvalidArg5
Invalid fifth argument.

4137 rcRteInvalidArg6
Invalid sixth argument.

4138 rcRteInvalidArg7
Invalid seventh argument.

4139 rcRteInvalidArg8
Invalid eighth argument.

4140 rcRteInvalidArg9
Invalid ninth argument.

4141 rcRteInvalidArg10
Invalid tenth argument.

4142 rcRteApiInvalidEvent
Invalid event number (see Waiting, Defining Events, and Checking for Events).

4143 rcRteAPIEventNotFound
Event number not found (see Waiting, Defining Events, and Checking for Events).

4144 rcRteNoFieldFound
No field found (see Locating Text, Fields, and Field Attributes).

4145 rcRteTisbInitializeError
Display memory not initialized

4146 rcRteApiErrorEnd
API undefined error.

4150 rcRteInvalidSetValue
Invalid settings value.

4151 rcRteInvalidSetID
Invalid settings ID.
Check that you have correctly typed the setting name in the API command.

4152 rcRteStringTooLong
Settings string too long.

4170 rcRteDdeSystemError
DDE error: system error.

4171 rcRteDdeInsufficientMemory
DDE error: insufficient memory.

4172 rcRteDdeInvalidData
DDE error: invalid data.

4173 rcRteDdeInvalidTopic
DDE error: invalid topic.

4174 rcRteDdeCommandSyntaxError
DDE error: command syntax error.

4175 rcRteDdeTooManySessions
DDE error: too many sessions.

4176 rcRteDdeInvalidItem
DDE error: invalid item.

4177 rcRteDdeErrorEnd
DDE error: undefined error

4190 rcRteNo3270DLL
The file was not found. This dll is required for 3270 terminal support.

4191 rcRteNotA3270Key
The terminal key value entered is not a 3270 terminal key.

4192 rcRteCantInitialize3270
Unable to initialize the 3270 terminal dll.

4210 rcRteNo5250DLL
The file was not found. This dll is required for 5250 terminal support.

4211 rcRteNotA5250Key
The terminal key value entered is not a 5250 terminal key.

4212 rcRteCantInitialize5250
Unable to initialize the 5250 terminal dll.

4213 rcRteNoGraphicsDLL
The file was not found. This dll is required for IBM graphics

4214 rcRteCantInitializeGraphics
Row and column must be explicitly specified.

4220 rcRteInvalidSessionType
Invalid terminal type.

4221 rcRteInvalidTerminalModel
Invalid terminal model for the specified terminal type.

4222 rcRteInvalidTransport
Invalid transport type for the specified terminal type or model.

4230 rcRteKeyNotAKeyName
The keyboard key name entered is not a PC key or scan code key.

4231 rcRteKeyNotMapped
The keyboard key name entered is not mapped to any action. This error is returned to the GetKeyMap method when the specified keystroke is not mapped to anything.

4232 rcRteScanCodeNotBypassed
The scan code entered is not bypassed. This error is returned to the GetScanCode method when an invalid code is passed in.

4233 rcRteReservedKeyStroke
The keystroke entered cannot be mapped.

4234 rcRteInvalidHotspotMap
Hotspot must be activated by a mouse button.

4235 rcRteInvalidQuickTextMap
Quick text must be activated by a middle or right mouse button.

4240 rcRteInvalidKbdModel
Invalid keyboard type for your terminal.

4241 rcRteNoMouse
The Keyboard Map Setup dialog box requires that you have a mouse.

4242 rcRteKbdNotFound
The keyboard name entered cannot be found.

4243 rcRteCantInitializeR8KeybdsDLL
Unable to initialize the R8Keybds keyboard dll.

4244 rcRteNoR8KeybdsDLL
The file R8keybds.dll was not found. This dll is required for keyboard support.

4245 rcRteCantInitializeR8Keybd2DLL
Unable to initialize the R8Keybd2 keyboard dll.

4246 rcRteNoR8Keybd2DLL
The file R8keybd2.dll was not found. This dll is required for keyboard support.

4250 rcRteNoTELNETStack
Reflection was unable to find a Telnet protocol stack.

4251 rcRteCantInitializeTELNET
Unable to initialize the Telnet dll.

4252 rcRteCantLoadTELNET
Unable to load the Telnet dll.

4253 rcRteNoHostName
No host name has been defined.

4254 rcRteTransportError
Transport code is out of resources.

4255 rcRteNoEHNAPPCDll
The file <name> was not found. This dll is required for PC Support data transfers.

4256 rcRteTraceFileEmpty
The trace file is empty.

4257 rcRteTraceFileNoData
The trace file contains no data.

4258 rcRteNotATraceFile
The file is not a host datacomm trace file.

4259 rcRteTraceFileWrongType
The trace file is incompatible with the current terminal or transport type.

4260 rcRteConnMgrOutOfRsrcs
All connection manager sessions are in use. See your Reflection Network Series documentation.

4261 rcRteTransportTimedOut
A timeout occurred during a call to transport code.

4262 rcRteNoTransport
Transport Type was not successfully initialized.

4263 rcRteCantConnectTELNET
The host <name> refused to maintain connection.

4264 rcRteTraceFileWrongSetup
The trace file is incompatible with the current session setup.

4265 rcRtePCSTransportError
PC Support transport error.

4266 rcRteCantLoadEHNAPPC
Unable to load the Ehnappc dll.

4267 rcRteNoTracePlayback
Trace playback of data from host is not allowed while connected.

4268 rcRteCantInitEHNAPPC
Unable to initialize the Ehnappc dll.

4269 rcRteIncorrectEHNAPPC
Could not load the correct Ehnappc dll.

4270 rcRteIncorrectEHNTFW
Could not load the correct Ehntfw dll.

4271 rcRteInvalidNWSAAName
NWSAA Service or LU name must be 8 characters or less to be valid.

4272 rcRteLUAtransportError
MS SNA Server transport error.

4273 rcRteNwsaaLUAtransportError
NetWare for SAA (LUA) transport error.

4274 rcRteIncorrectWAPPC32
Could not load the correct Wappc32 dll.

4275 rcRteDlcSnaLUAtransportError
802.2 DLC (SNA) transport error.

4276 rcRteCoaxDftSnaLUAtransportError
Coax DFT (SNA) transport error.

4277 rcRteCommServerLUAtransportError
Communication Server (LUA) transport error.

4280 rcRteInvalidPassword
A password error occurred in communications.

4281 rcRteKbdGroupChanged
The new local keyboard is substantially different, reset keyboard maps to defaults.

4290 rcRteNoRBDLL
The file was not found. This dll is required for Reflection Basic support.

4291 rcRteNoAPIDLL
The file was not found. This dll is required for Reflection Basic support.

4292 rcRteCantLoadRB
Unable to load the Reflection Basic dll.

4293 rcRteCantLoadAPI
Unable to load the Reflection API dll.

4294 rcRteRBRuntimeError
Reflection Basic error.

4295 rcRteRBSystemError
Reflection Basic system error.

4296 rcRteRBEditorNoMemory
Not enough memory to load the Reflection Basic Editor.

4297 rcRteRBEditorNotFound
Could not find the Reflection Basic Editor.

4298 rcRteRBInitiateFailed
Reflection Basic initialization failed.

4299 rcRteRBOLEVersion
The version of OLE on this system is not compatible with Reflection Basic.

4300 rcRteRBShareNotRunning
SHARE must be running to use Reflection Basic.

4305 rcRteInputFieldNotFound
No input field was found (see Locating Text, Fields, and Field Attributes).

4311 rcRteIndNoDll
The file was not found. This dll is required for IND$FILE file transfer support.

4312 rcRteIndMemoryErr
Insufficient memory in task. Close some Reflection sessions before trying this task again.

4313 rcRteIndHostTimeout
Host has not responded within the timeout interval.

4314 rcRteIndUserAbort
User aborted the file transfer.

4315 rcRteIndUserCancel
User canceled the file transfer.

4316 rcRteIndRetryExhaust
Retry limit exhausted.

4317 rcRteIndHostOverwrite
Host file exists; overwrite not permitted by user.

4318 rcRteIndHostErrMsg
Transfer failed: host error message.

4319 rcRteIndDllLoadErr
Error encountered loading IND$FILE library.

4320 rcRteIndCommError
File transfer terminated due to communication error.

4321 rcRteIndDateTimeErr
No local files were found within the designated date/time filter values.

4322 rcRteIndCantInitialize
Can't initialize the IND$FILE library.

4330 rcRteInvalidButtonNumber
Invalid button number.

4331 rcRteMaxButtonsDefined
Maximum number of buttons already defined.

4340 rcRteNoPrinter
No printer selected. Use Print Setup or Control Panel.

4341 rcRteNoDefPrinter
No default printer. Use Control Panel to select default printer.

4342 rcRteGoToDefPrinter
Specified printer does not exist. Default printer will be selected.

4350 rcRteSCSDLLFind
A file required for SCS printer emulation was not found.

4351 rcRteSCSDLLInit
Unable to initialize the SCS printer emulation dll.

4390 rcRteUserCanceledDialog
User canceled Reflection dialog.

4400 rcRtePCSNoDLL
The file was not found. This dll is required for PC Support data transfers.

4401 rcRtePCSDLLLoadErr
Error encountered loading the Reflection AS/400 transfer library.

4402 rcRteCantLoadEHNTFW
Unable to load the Ehntfw dll.

4403 rcRteCantInitEHNTFW
Error encountered initializing the Ehntfw dll.

4404 rcRteNotPCSTransport
Invalid transport type for this transfer protocol.

4405 rcRteNotEnoughPCSMemory
Unable to allocate memory for transfer buffer.

4406 rcRtePCSTransferError
PC Support transfer error.

4407 rcRtePCSNoRouter
Error: PC Support Router or Pcswin.exe not loaded.

4408 rcRtePCSHostTransferError
PC Support transfer error. Error message from host.

4409 rcRtePCSReadBufMemory
Unable to allocate memory for send file buffer.

4410 rcRtePCSRecordTooLong
Record length exceeds buffer length—transfer aborting.

4411 rcRteInvalidFDF
Invalid file description file.

4412 rcRteNoFDF
A file description file (FDF) must be specified for this type of transfer.

4413 rcRteNoRefFile
A reference file must be specified when creating a host file and member.

4414 rcRteCantLoadEHNDTW
Unable to load the Ehndtw dll.

4415 rcRteCantInitEHNDTW
Unable to initialize the Ehndtw dll.

4416 rcRteShortHostTransferError
PC Support transfer error. Error message from host.

4417 rcRteInvalidFDFConvType
Invalid file type in file description file.

4418 rcRteInvalidFieldConversion
Error encountered converting a formatted field.

4419 rcRteInvalidFDFDescription
Invalid file description file. No description file entry (PCFDF) found.

4420 rcRteInvalidFDFFileType
Invalid file description file. Field definition entry (PCFL) found before file.

4421 rcRteInvalidFDFNoFieldDef
Invalid file description file. No field definition entries (PCFL) found.

4422 rcRteInvalidFDFMultDefs
Invalid file description file. Multiple field definition entries (PCFL) found.

4423 rcRteInvalidFDFPCFOCol
Invalid file description file. Options entry (PCFO) does not begin in column.

4424 rcRteInvalidFDFTimeFmt
Invalid file description file. Invalid time format option in PCFO entry.

4425 rcRteInvalidFDFTimeSep
Invalid file description file. Invalid time separator option in PCFO entry.

4426 rcRteInvalidFDFDateFmt
Invalid file description file. Invalid date format option in PCFO entry.

4427 rcRteInvalidFDFDateSep
Invalid file description file. Invalid date separator option in PCFO entry.

4428 rcRteInvalidFDFDecSep
Invalid file description file. Invalid decimal separator option in PCFO entry.

4429 rcRteInvalidFDFDupType
Invalid file description file. Multiple File Type entries (PCFT) found.

4430 rcRteInvalidFDFDupDef
Invalid file description file. Multiple File Description entries (PCDF) found.

4431 rcRteInvalidFDFDupOptions
Invalid file description file. Multiple Options entries (PCFO) found.

4432 rcRteUndefinedError
Error code undefined.

4433 rcRteCSVError
Commas may not be specified as a decimal separator in CSV files.

4434 rcRteCantTranslateToEBCDIC
Nontranslatable characters found while attempting to convert to EBCDIC

4435 rcRteCantTranslateFromEBCDIC
Nontranslatable characters found while attempting to convert from EBCDIC.

4436 rcRteCantCreateDisplay
Unable to create display window.

4439 rcRteCantLoadEHNRTRW
Unable to load the Ehnrtrw dll

4440 rcRteCantInitTables
Unable to load the transfer translation tables

4500 rcRteNoMemForFileList
Unable to allocate memory for host file list.

4501 rcRteNoMemForLocalFileList
Unable to allocate memory for local file list.

4510 rcRteHLNameAlreadyExists
A hotlist with this name already exists.

4511 rcRteHLNameNotFound
A hotlist with this name cannot be found.

4512 rcRteHLMustBe1Selection
One hotlist selection must be selected.

4513 rcRteHLSelectionCmdBadSyntax
The command associated with this hotlist selection has a syntax error.

4514 rcRteHLNoName
A hotlist name must be entered.

4515 rcRteHLMustEnter1Selection
At least one hotlist selection must be entered.

4516 rcRteHLNoSelections
Hotlist name has no selections.

4517 rcRteHLMustEnterSelection
A hotlist selection must be entered.

4518 rcRteHLInvalidIndex
No hotlist exists for this index.

4519 rcRteHLNotVisible
The hotlist is not visible.

4520 rcRteHLHotspotAlreadyExists
The hotspot already exists.

4521 rcRteHLSelectionInvalidIndex
No selection exists for this index.

4522 rcRteHLSelectionNameNotFound
Selection name not found.

4523 rcRteHLSelectionAlreadyExists
Selection already exists.

4524 rcRteHLApplyCommands
Apply commands to current selections.

4525 rcRteHLOKToOverwrite
Duplicate hotlist: OK to overwrite?

4526 rcRteHLOKToDiscardSelections
OK to discard current items?

4540 rcRteInvalidFontName
Invalid font name: <name>, changing to default.

4550 rcRteClipboardOpenFailed
Unable to open Clipboard.

4551 rcRteClipboardSetFailed
Unable to set Clipboard.

4580 rcRteLoadTypeLib
OLE initialization has failed. Error reading OLE type library information.

4581 rcRteReadTypeLib
OLE initialization has failed. Error loading OLE type library information.

4582 rcRteWrongCompObj
OLE initialization has failed. The module Compobj.dll is incompatible or older than the Ole2.dll module.

4583 rcRteOleInitFailed
OLE initialization has failed.

4584 rcRteUpdateRegistryFailed
Windows registry update has failed. Reflection may not be available via OLE Automation.

4585 rcRteRegisterCFFailed
OLE initialization has failed. Unable to register class factory.

4586 rcRteXferAs400UnrecogMsg
Unrecognized message from the AS/400. Attempting default actions. Please send the file Rxfr.dmp for analysis.

4587 rcRtePCSCantInitialize
Couldn't initialize the AS/400 transfer library

4589 rcRteCantLoadThunkDll
Contact Reflection Technical Support.

4590 rcRteCantInitThunkDll
Contact Reflection Technical Support.

4592 rcRteInvalidXferSettings
Invalid settings in transfer setup.

4593 rcRteCantLoadE32TFW
Error encountered loading the E32tfw dll

4594 rcRteCantInitE32TFW
Error encountered initializing the E32tfw dll

4595 rcRteNoMPTNSetting
System Name, NetID, Location Name, User Name and Password must be specified for this type of transfer.

4597 rcRteTerminalTooTallForModel
Current font can't be displayed with current terminal model size. Changing to default font.

4598 rcRteScrollLockStoppingTerminalRead
Scroll Lock is stopping terminal display - turn off Scroll Lock to continue.

4599 rcRteSettingModDisabled
Modification of this setting is disabled for this copy of Reflection.

4600 rcRteSettingsFileTranslationError
Error Loading Settings File.

4601 rcRteSourceToDatabase
Incorrect host file type specified. Host file is a database, user specified file type is source.

4602 rcRteCantLoadE32DTW
Error encountered loading the E32dtw dll

4607 rcRteNotDifFile
Invalid field. File may not be a dif file.

4608 rcRteTransferTypeINDFILE
Invalid transfer protocol selected. IND$FILE transfers not allowed with AS/400 session type.

4609 rcRteTransferTypeInvalid
This transfer protocol not supported in this version of Reflection.

4650 rcRteMaxMenuItemsDefined
The maximum number of menu items is already defined.

4651 rcRteMaxPopupItemsDefined
The maximum number of popup items is already defined.

4652 rcRteMaxMenuPopupsDefined
The maximum number of menu popups is already defined.

4653 rcRteNameMustBeSpecified
The name argument must be specified.

4654 rcRteCommandsMustBeSpecified
The commands argument must be specified.

4655 rcRteMenuElementDoesntExist
The menu element specified doesn't exist.

4656 rcRteNameNotAMouseChord
The name entered is not a mouse chord.

4657 rcRteMouseChordNotMapped
The mouse chord name entered is not mapped to any action.

4658 rcRteCantLoadSNAXferDll
Error encountered loading the SNA Transfer dll.

4659 rcRteCantInitSNAXferDll
Error encountered initializing the SNA Transfer dll.

4660 rcRteCantInitWINAPPC
Cannot initialize the Winappc api.

4661 rcRteCantRunWINAPPC
Insure that the proper version Winappc api protocol stack is configured.

4662 rcRteXferAs400MsSnaServerErr
MS SNA Server is not responding. Exit Reflection, then check client/server configuration.

4663 rcRteServerCountExceeded
The maximum user count for this server version has been exceeded.

4664 rcRteNotServerVersion
This copy of Reflection is not a server version.

4665 rcRteInvalidEventNumber
Event number specified is not a valid event number.

4666 rcRteNoEventCommands
No event commands were specified.

4667 rcRteMaxEventsDefined
The maximum number of events has been defined.

4668 rcRteAnyRowColNotAllowed
Row and column must be explicitly specified.

4669 rcRteRowOrColumnInvalid
Row or column specified is invalid.

4670 rcRteCannotConfigureSOCKS
Error loading or displaying the SOCKS configuration dialog.

4671 rcRteCannotStartRecording
The StopRecording command is disabled, recording cannot be started.

4673 rcRteCantChangeWhileConnected
Unspecified System Name, Net ID, or Location Name. Disconnect Telnet Terminal session before transferring.

4674 rcRteLanguageNotSupported
Language specified is not supported in this copy of Reflection.

4675 rcRteInternalTraceInvalidNode
Unrecognized internal trace node.

4676 rcRteInternalTraceNotActive
Internal trace is not currently active.

4677 rcRteInternalTraceAlreadyActive
Internal trace is already started.

4678 rcRteInternalTracefileNotCreated
Internal trace file could not be created.

4679 rcRteSpreadsheetExecutionError
Unable to run spreadsheet.
Error returned from operating system.

4680 rcRteLevelSeparatorEntered
Invalid character in menu name.

4682 rcRteNoDIFAppending
Dif files may not be appended.

4683 rcRteNoDIFAppendingUI
Appending to DIF files is not a valid option.

4684 rcRteInvalidCharForIconCreation
A Shortcut cannot be created if the filename contains one or more commas.

4685 rcRteCannotStartLinksConfig
Cannot start the Links Configuration dialog.

4686 rcRteIndHostScreenNotReady
Host screen is not ready.

4687 rcRteErrorLoadingMAPI
Error Loading MAPI Interface.

4688 rcRteMailMessageTooLarge
Mail message is too large.

4689 rcRteErrorSendingMail
Error sending mail.

4690 rcRteSendMailNoSelection
Error sending screen selection via electronic mail, no selection active.

4691 rcRteMAPINotConfigured
Unable to send mail, MAPI has not been configured on your system.

4692 rcRteSendMailNoOV400Document
No current OV/400 Document available to send via mail.

4693 rcRteIndInvalidTSOOption
Incorrect host system specified in Transfer Setup - should be TSO.

4694 rcRteIndInvalidCMSOption
Incorrect host system specified in Transfer Setup - should be CMS.

4695 rcRteIndScriptNotFound
The WRQLCAT or WRQLDS file listing scripts were not found on the host. These scripts must be installed in an accessible library.

4703 rcRteCantLoadTPHALFDLL
Unable to find the TPHALF DLL.

4704 rcRteCantInitTPHALFDLL
Unable to initialize the TPHALF DLL.

4706 rcRteInvalidToolbarName
Invalid toolbar name.

4707 rcRteToolbarNameNotFound
Toolbar name not found.

4708 rcRteBadLibraryName
Empty library or library not found.

4709 rcRteInvalidMacroName
The macro name is not valid.

4710 rcRteWscstNameOrLibBlank
Workstation Customizing Object:\Name and Library are both required.

4711 rcRteCantAddReference
Cannot add this file as a Visual Basic Reference.

4712 rcRteAS4XferTransportTypeInvalid
This transport protocol is not supported by File Transfer in this version of Reflection.

4713 rcRteBadVbaInstall
Unable to initialize VBA. There is either not enough memory to run Reflection or required files are not properly installed. Check system memory or run Reflection setup.

4714 rcRteVbaRunMacroError
Error running VBA macro.

4715 rcRteVbaRunExternalMacroError
Error running external VBA macro.

4716 rcRteVbaMacroDoesNotExist
VBA macro does not exist.

4728 rcRteCantImportVbaFile
Cannot import this file into the current VBA project.

4729 rcRteCantExportVbaFile
Cannot export <name> to a file.

4732 rcRteCantRemoveReference
Cannot remove this project as a Visual Basic Reference.

4914 rcRteRBInvalidPropertyGet
This property cannot be retrieved from built-in Application object.

4915 rcRteOLEAutomationDisabledByProfiler
The Reflection OLE Automation Object has been disabled by the Profiler.

4916 rcRteRBasicDisabledByProfiler
Reflection Basic has been disabled by the Profiler.

4917 rcRteInvalidSimFile
Invalid or corrupted simulation file.

4918 rcRteInvalidSimCommand
Invalid simulation command.

4935 rcRteInvMargin
Invalid print margin.

4936 rcRteOLEAutomationSessionBusy
OLE Automation command could not be completed: the RIBM session is busy.

4941 rcRteVBADisabledByProfiler
Visual Basic for Applications has been disabled by the Profiler.

4942 rcRteOpenSettingsWhileConnected
The current session must be disconnected before opening a new settings file.

4943 rcRteOpenSettingsWhileConnected
The current session must be disconnected before opening a new settings file.

4943 rcRteOpenSettingsWhileRunningMacro
Settings files cannot be opened while running a VBA macro.

4944 rcRteDefaultsWhileConnected
The current session must be disconnected before restoring defaults.

4945 rcRteDefaultsWhileRunningMacro
Defaults cannot be restored while running a VBA macro.

4946 rcRteVBAMacroNameAlreadyExists
The macro name already exists.