Programming with Reflection

image\msref32.gif Methods and Properties added in Version 8.0


The following methods and properties are new with version 8.0 of Reflection for IBM. Click on any item in this list to open a help topic for that command. (Click here to see a list of methods and properties that were new with version 7.0.)


PrintFitForm property

PrintFitFormSize property

PrintFitUser property

PrintFitUserLength property

PrintFitUserWidth property

PrintOverrideOrientation property

PrintTransverse property

Terminal Configuration

SetDisplayAttribute method

InputFieldUnderlines property

File Transfer

DefineTransferTemplate method

Xfr400ForceHexConversion property

XfrEnableTemplates property

AS 400 Connections

AS400HostName property

International Character support

ShowDBCSHostCodeInputWindow method

CursorMovementStyle property

DBCSUserDefinedCharacterSource property

PrintCompressFont property

PrintDBCSRotationAngle property

PrintDBCS2To3 property

PrintDBCSHorzFontSize property

PrintSOSIPresentation property

ShowBytesRemaining property

UserDefinedCharactersViaTelnet property

Security Features

TelnetEncryption property

TelnetEncryptionStrength property

Other commands

WindowsTSEClientKeyboard property