Programming with Reflection

image\msref32.gif New and Updated Methods and Properties in version 11.0


The following commands are new (*) or updated in version 11.0. (Click here to see a list of methods and properties that were new with version 10.0.)

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Launching and Exiting Reflection Sessions

* ExitAll method

* NewSessionCurrentSettings property

* OpenLayoutDlg method

* OpenTemplateDlg method

* QueryExitAll property

* SaveLayoutAsDlg method

* SettingsChanged property

 NewSession method (New support for using current settings)

 OpenSettings method (New support for opening layouts)

 QueryExit property (Default value is now True)

 SaveSettings method (New support for saving layouts)

 SaveChanges property (New support for prompting, changed default)


Configuring Secure Connections

* TelnetUseReflectionSecurityProxy property



* DisplayFontsDlg method

* DisplayOptionsDlg method

* FontDefault method

* FontGrow method

* FontShrink method

* SetColorRGB method