This macro creates an event (#1) that occurs when the string "Help" is received from the host:

Sub CreateStringEvent()

Session.DefineEvent 1, rcDisplayString, "", "Help", rcAnyRow, rcAnyCol, 1

End Sub

This event procedure checks to see if event #1 has been triggered. If this is the case, it displays a message box with more information and resets the event.

Private Sub Session_DefinedEvent(ByVal EventNumber As Long, _

ByVal EventType As Long, _

ByVal TheString As String, _

ByVal Row As Long, _

ByVal Column As Long, _

ByVal Key As Long)

If EventNumber = 1 Then

'Display a message using the returned string as message title

MsgBox "Contact Joe for more information.",,TheString

'Reset the Event

ResetEvent 1

End If

End Sub


· The underscore line continuation character is used to break up long lines of code in this example.