The following example displays a message based on whether a connection has occurred or not. DemoDefineConnectedEvent is run first to define the event. DemoCheckConnectedEvent can then be run to check if the event has occurred or not.

Public myEvent as Integer


Sub DemoDefineConnectedEvent ()

 With Session

  'Define an event to watch for a new connection

  .DefineEvent rcNextEvent, rcEvConnected, "", "", 1, 1, 1

  myEvent = .EventDefined

 End With

End Sub


Sub DemoCheckConnectedEvent ()

 With Session

  'Check for the event and display a message box

  'based on the result.

  If .CheckEventNumber(myEvent) Then

   MsgBox "A connection has been made."


   MsgBox "No Connection has been made yet."

  End If

 End With

End Sub