image\msref32.gif VT Terminal Properties



image\jump.gif AnswerBack property

image\jump.gif AutoAnswerback property

image\jump.gif AutoLinefeed property

image\jump.gif DAResponse property

image\jump.gif DataStreamTranslation property

image\jump.gif HostStatusLine property

image\jump.gif NationalReplacementSet property

image\jump.gif UseNRC property

image\jump.gif UserDefinedKeysLocked property

image\jump.gif UserFeaturesLocked property


image\jump.gif AutoRepeat property

image\jump.gif Bell property

image\jump.gif BreakEnabled property

image\jump.gif LocalEcho property

image\jump.gif MarginBell property

image\jump.gif SendKeyboardModifierPrefix property

image\jump.gif VTCursorKeyMode property

image\jump.gif VTKeypadMode property

Note: Use these properties to configure VT Terminals in Reflection for UNIX and OpenVMS, and Reflection for ReGIS Graphics. Click here to see a list of VT Terminal Properties for Reflection for HP with NS/VT.

image\jump.gif Configuring Reflection's Behavior as a Terminal

image\jump.gif Managing the Display