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image\rwnprg32.gif BeforeUserDisconnect event


Syntax Private Sub Session_BeforeUserDisconnect(Continue As Boolean)



This event is triggered before Reflection disconnects from the host. For this event to occur, the user must terminate a connection using Reflection (for example, with the Disconnect command on the Connection menu, the Connect/Disconnect toolbar button, or the Disconnect method method). It will not occur when the user ends a session by using a host log out command.


Continue Argument type: Boolean
Specifies whether Reflection should procede with the disconnect command. Reflection sets this argument to True when the event occurs. If you set Continue to False in the event procedure, Reflection does not procede, and the connection to the host is retained.


· Event procedures must be created in the code module for the Reflection Session object (ThisSession).

· Reflection executes disconnection actions in the following order:

BeforeUserDisconnect event procedure (if the disconnection was initiated from Reflection).

AfterDisconnect event procedure.

5 Events configured with Reflection's Event Setup dialog box (or using the OnEvent method) of the type "When a connection is terminated."


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